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Jamia Hamdard is the Leading university in India and ranked among top in best universities.


Time Table of B.Sc. in Multimedia and Animation III Year (Annual Exam 2014)

Notice to All Erstwhile Centres for not mentioning the name of (Jamia Hamdard) in their any Admission Notification / Advertisement

Advt. for Admission DODL 2014-15

Revised Fee for all

Notice Regarding Fee applicable to students belonging to SAARC countries



Result of PGDPRA - Annual Exam 2014

Result of PGDDTN - Annual Exam - 2014

Result of PGDIPR 2014

Result of PGDHR 2014

Result of PGDEMIA 2014

Result of PGDC 2014

Result of PGDB 2014

Updated List of Degree Students February 2014

Updated List of Degree Students November 2013

Updated List of Degree Students 30th June 2013

Updated List of Degree Students 31st March 2013

Updated List of Degree Students of DODL

Re-Registration form for Admission 2013-2014

Notice regarding not to mention the name of Jamia Hamdard in the advertisement for admission in any study centre

Eligibility for 3 year diploma student for admission to DODL courses

Revised eligibility for admission to PGDPRA programme under ODL mode

Notice Regarding change of Eligibility of BCA Program in Directorate of Open & Distance Learning

Notice regarding Library facility for DODL students

Admission of Foreign   Nationals in DODL   Programmes.

Programme Guides
Old Questions Paper




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